What is a Man & Van Service?

It may seem like one of the most simple questions to ask, and perhaps one that shouldn't warrant an answer. But it's actually possible to get many different answers to this question! So here's the view of our founder, James Beach.....

A Man & Van service is a business (not necessarily a single individual) that offers the ability to hire a driver with a van, to help move things from one place to another.

Man & Van drivers are traditionally known, and many continue to be, extremely customer focused. This means they will often go the extra mile, whether that's physically driving the extra mile you didn't realise you'd need them to drive, or in other ways support you in your move beyond the original terms agreed. As a result, Man & Van Services usually build a reputation that makes their business a solid success.

Services Offers

You may think that Man & Van Services are just that, a man and a van...but no, today the Man & Van industry has expanded and become deeply entwinded with other complimentary services. A Man & Van driver can be expected to be involved in any, or all, of the following:

So why use a Man & Van?

Most of the time, the decision comes down to cost, a Man & Van is a simple option, and can be an amazingly cheap way to move or remove things. I don't personally believe this is the best reason, I think it's the personal service that is so great about a Man & Van driver. You can call the driver if you have a problem, or want to know where they are. You're generally working with the boss, so there's little room for miscommunication. But most of all, Man & Van drivers tend to be dedicated to making your life easier. As with any business, you have to find the goods ones, and in the Man & Van world, there's a lot to choose from. But pick well, and you'll get a personal service that's second to none.

When I personally made my move that initiated the development of FindAManAndVan.co.uk, I left all my bits in a garage in Devon and asked the Man & Van to load up and meet me in Hampshire....I got a family team, father and son, they called me a couple of times on the way to let me know about progress. They looked after my things fantastically, and took great care bringing them all into my new home and unpacking the key items with me.

All of this gave me confidence all the way, and I wasn't remotely nervous at any point in the process...I had no reason to be. The bill at the end of it was very good value, and I was moved in with huge ease.

So why use a Man & Van? Whether you're looking for a removals company to help you move house/flat, looking for a courier to speed something across to client for you etc... A Man & Van can offer you a great price for a truly dedicated service.

So how do you find a good one?

With such a small cost to enter the industry (the need for a van, and a person, male or female!), there are plenty of "Man & Van" services out there that offer truly terrible service to their customers. In fact, that's exactly why I started FindAManAndVan.co.uk in the first place!

Finding a good one is obviously down to checking out their marketing carefully, but more than anything, I've always believed this industry is best understood by reputation. Personal recommendation from some whose used the service before is the best method of choosing a Man & Van that you'll ever find.

Most good Man & Van services can provide you with previous client feedback, but then they will always show you the best ones (and who wouldn't?!). To help you find the best Man & Van services, we allow previous customers to leave feedback on FindAManAndVan.co.uk for you to see. We don't filter through the feedback to pick the best or worst bits, we let previous customers have their say (within reason!). This can give you a truly unbiased viewpoint. As with any review sites, you have to look at the whole rather than too deeply into each piece of feedback. A single negative piece of feedback shouldn't be a concern. Amongst mainly positive feedback, this is no bad thing. Just remember, people are more likely to leave feedback if they're unhappy, so feedback shouldn't be taken as a true reflection of the average customer. Help people find the best, by leaving positive feedback, if you receive a great service.